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 Raid Rules (Read if you plan to raid with us)

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PostSubject: Raid Rules (Read if you plan to raid with us)   Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:14 pm

1- Do not be fucking around, especially on heroic. You will get kicked from the raid and it will hurt your chances of raiding with us in future raids.
2- Do not even think about ninja looting. You ninja loot, and you WILL be reported.
3- Take screenies of some decent raids. These are meant to be fun.
4-Need on the things you NEED, greed on the things you'd like to have.
(NEED before Greed, This means if what drops is better then what your wearing you may roll for it.)
5-Duel boxing during raids is hard, but is allowed. Don't duel box the same class though, as that is pointless. (Ie, Don't bring two healers since you can't heal with both of them at the same time.)
6- Don't pull aggro unless you are tank. If one tank falls, be ready to be lined up.
7-If you are a healer, you should know who to heal if the first tank goes down.

There is a new 'Line' I will be sticking up for everyone. Meaning, Fish hit level 80 today and Cow hit 80 yesterday, Cow should get his gear from a raid first, just common courtesy. This is fair, and even.
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Raid Rules (Read if you plan to raid with us)
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