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 PVP last night

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PostSubject: PVP last night   Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:58 pm

Guy's the pvp on Stormwind and Ironforge was NUTZ!!! Most fun I have had in a while ... to be honest I think we all have PVP potential and that we are all well organized and ready to do it ... had fun holding SW for 5 minutes but I would like to push it farther ... I would like to hold it longer and possibly be even more organized .. I want to possibly set up a night where we have a big raid like that and plan an attack on Sw or IF again and I would like to have 3 other people help me lead it and go over strategies with me in vent possibly later tonight or tommorow ?

And going against AR was awesome last night really fun and tbh I would like to see more guild on guild action ( hehe ) so was wondering if we could set up like a big wide battle between guilds like guild vs guild or 3 guilds going against EVERYONE out in one secluded area that the rest of the server doesnt know about? Could be fun like our own little battle ground just for fun ... Anyway let me know what you think about it guys because Im stoked from what I saw last night and I know that we could keep the good times rollin Wink
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PVP last night
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