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 Who do you have? And what do you want to raid?

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PostSubject: Who do you have? And what do you want to raid?   Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:15 am

Let me know what's up and who you need:

Bloodyhoofz - DPS (reserved for only Uldar raids atm)

Hellzfury - Resto Shammy (open for any Heroic VoA runs, has all the pre-3.1 gear I care to hold)

Holyavengerz - Rekadin (currently in mismatched PvP & PvE gear, open for any and all raids!)

Hellzwrath - Warlock (open for any and all raids, or even heroic 5 mans, he's in crap gear atm)

Frozendeath - Arcane/Fire (same as my druid, if you want some one to PvP with, give me a shout)

Bloodydruidz - Boomkin (if you feel the urge to PvP just call for me)

Shdwstepz & Bkstabz - Both have so-so gear, but neither of them get much play time, since I'm not a huge rogue fan, like them on my team but don't enjoy playing them too much. Especially when we have about 2k already online each day.
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Who do you have? And what do you want to raid?
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