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 Threat from Bobby

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PostSubject: Blackswann Threatening the server we moved to   Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:06 pm

Session Start: Sat Aug 29 18:50:02 2009
Session Ident: BLACKSWANN
18:50 Session Ident: BLACKSWANN (Mibbit@31356A.15E810.F7D9A9.FB819F)
18:50 •
18:50 • Query with BLACKSWANN/Mibbit@31356A.15E810.F7D9A9.FB819F opened on Saturday, August 29th 2009, 18:50:02.
18:50 • Total queries: 600/~3.9 per day
18:50 • Queries today: 5
18:50 • Common channels: #rtk
18:50 •
18:50 BLACKSWANN • hello
18:50 iNDRLM • sup
18:51 BLACKSWANN • I am the owner of Neverendless-wow.com
18:51 BLACKSWANN • I am getting tired of your players from Order of the Apocalypse spamming our Server with messages
18:52 BLACKSWANN • I would ask that you assist me in making sure that they discontinue this practice.
18:52 • BLACKSWANN [Mibbit@31356A.15E810.F7D9A9.FB819F] has quit IRC
18:52 • blackswann:#rtk [Mibbit@31356A.15E810.F7D9A9.FB819F] has joined #rtk
18:53 blackswann • sorry appears I dced... Unless you kicked me
18:54 blackswann • are you only a IRC admin?
18:54 blackswann • or do you also do ingame?
18:54 iNDRLM • both
18:55 iNDRLM • firstly
18:55 blackswann • Did you see my request before I dced?
18:55 iNDRLM • i dont condone this sort of behaviour
18:55 blackswann • this being mine?
18:55 iNDRLM • no
18:56 iNDRLM • spamming servers
18:56 blackswann • ah ok.
18:56 blackswann • Well they were on our server for 6 months and left this week... Hey I got 300k account I really dont mind them leaving. I am tired of getting the spam is all
18:56 iNDRLM • hang a sec
18:57 blackswann • They guild on the whole is a good group... Mahann is a nut case sometimes but arent we all when you run a huge guild?
18:57 iNDRLM • i guess
18:58 iNDRLM • i understand the situation
18:58 iNDRLM • like i said
18:58 iNDRLM • i dont promote spamming
18:58 iNDRLM • i dont like it here and i dont encourage it elsewhere
18:58 iNDRLM • but i cannot stop it
18:58 iNDRLM • they obviously came here for reasons that dont concern me
18:58 blackswann • Ok well I am gonna ask you to do me a favor here...
18:58 iNDRLM • i know about your server
18:58 iNDRLM • your custom donations etc
18:58 iNDRLM • arcemu?
18:58 iNDRLM • perhaps?
18:58 blackswann • nope
18:59 iNDRLM • built off wowd im assuming
18:59 blackswann • long since left that crap...
18:59 blackswann • but thats not my concern here... I
18:59 blackswann • would ask that you make an example for us
19:00 iNDRLM • i cant stop the spamming
19:00 iNDRLM • you have a huge server
19:00 blackswann • oh sure you can... May I explain?
19:00 iNDRLM • and obviously a good reason why alot of people play there
19:00 iNDRLM • like i cant stop spamming here
19:00 iNDRLM • what i do
19:00 iNDRLM • is just try to make my server as good as i possibly can
19:00 blackswann • I will explain...
19:00 iNDRLM • to eliminate people leaving
19:00 iNDRLM • Smile
19:00 iNDRLM • i guess thats all anyone can do
19:01 blackswann • I have the IP of the latest spammer... If you banned him for 24hrs or somnething it would send a message that neither of us would tolerate this crap
19:02 iNDRLM • i doubt you have anything to worry about
19:02 iNDRLM • u haf 5 times the population of both my realms
19:02 iNDRLM • i will mention it in game
19:02 blackswann • this would send a message that we can also work together
19:02 iNDRLM • work together?
19:02 iNDRLM • i dont run this for profit or nothing
19:02 blackswann • so you will not honor my request to ban this IP for a period?
19:02 iNDRLM • its a hobby
19:03 iNDRLM • you can give me the ip
19:03 iNDRLM • and i will discuss this
19:03 blackswann • with who?
19:03 iNDRLM • with the character connected to the ip
19:03 iNDRLM • 'i still dont see why your worried tho
19:04 blackswann • well thats not exactly what I was looking for here
19:04 iNDRLM • im just a small server doing this for fun
19:04 iNDRLM • i dont know you
19:04 iNDRLM • you dont know me
19:04 blackswann • I am not worried I want to make a point.
19:04 iNDRLM • then ban him on your server?
19:04 iNDRLM • -.-
19:04 blackswann • Well I see your not will to assist me... I will take care of this on my own then.
19:05 blackswann • Thank you for hearing me out...
19:05 iNDRLM • fair enough
19:05 iNDRLM • good luck with your server
19:05 iNDRLM • before you go
19:05 iNDRLM • i think if u can see my position
19:05 iNDRLM • if i went to every server of the people that spammed on my server
19:05 iNDRLM • i would be laughed at
19:05 iNDRLM • best bet is to ban the offending person
19:05 iNDRLM • and move on
19:05 iNDRLM • as do i in the same case
19:06 blackswann • Well son, here is the deal... I am not every server I am the top server... I asked you a favor and you denied me...
19:06 iNDRLM • if your the top server why are you asking a small server to make a point for you?
19:06 iNDRLM • wouldnt people listen to you being the top server
19:06 blackswann • how old are you???
19:06 iNDRLM • 25
19:07 iNDRLM • i dont see how that is relevant
19:07 blackswann • ok then you have reasoning skills
19:07 iNDRLM • i just dont like to be bullied in what i have to do by another server
19:07 iNDRLM • you may be the top server
19:07 iNDRLM • i dont understand why people would leave it
19:07 blackswann • I want to stop an issue on my server. If you were to assist me in this all of it would stop and we would have no issues.
19:08 iNDRLM • we have no issues?
19:08 iNDRLM • i dont promote this
19:08 iNDRLM • i often tell players i dont condone this sort of behaviour
19:08 iNDRLM • but as you can imagine i am not their parents
19:08 blackswann • I am not concerned about people leaving. I want to show both communitys thgat we have the control here not them
19:08 iNDRLM • i dont think my control is what your worried about
19:09 iNDRLM • stating that you are the top server
19:09 iNDRLM • meaning it is more your control your explaining
19:09 iNDRLM • im just here to have fun
19:09 iNDRLM • and have people play for fun
19:09 iNDRLM • like i stated
19:09 iNDRLM • im not in this as a business
19:09 iNDRLM • its a hobby
19:09 blackswann • ok son I see your not a resonable person.
19:09 iNDRLM • ...
19:09 iNDRLM • your stating im not reasonable because i wont bow down
19:10 blackswann • sorry for bothering you.
19:10 iNDRLM • i said i will discuss this with the offending person
19:10 iNDRLM • and u deny this
19:10 iNDRLM • u want control over me
19:10 iNDRLM • and you do not have it
19:10 iNDRLM • i dont think my response was unfair in any way
19:10 blackswann • no I really do not... I asked if you would assist me
19:10 iNDRLM • and i said i would talk to the offending player
19:10 blackswann • you denied me that request.
19:10 iNDRLM • if that is not assisting i dont know what is
19:10 iNDRLM • like stated u come to my server
19:11 iNDRLM • and ask me to ban a player
19:11 blackswann • So how big is your population?
19:11 iNDRLM • to prove a point on your server
19:11 iNDRLM • 2-300 a realm
19:11 iNDRLM • im not in it for high numbers
19:11 blackswann • mangos?
19:11 iNDRLM • im in it for a community
19:11 iNDRLM • nope
19:11 blackswann • really
19:11 iNDRLM • even tho it says on website
19:11 blackswann • frost?
19:11 iNDRLM • we moved on from that
19:11 iNDRLM • well it cant be frost
19:11 iNDRLM • 99% of spells work here
19:11 iNDRLM • lol

Community Leader for OOTA.
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:08 pm

19:12 blackswann • lol
19:12 blackswann • what is it?
19:12 iNDRLM • i have started since wademu
19:12 blackswann • ah ok...
19:12 iNDRLM • its based off wowd like it all is
19:12 iNDRLM • like i said i will discuss this with the offending person
19:12 iNDRLM • that is what i offer
19:13 iNDRLM • you run the top server
19:13 iNDRLM • you should have nothing to worry about a small time server like myself
19:13 blackswann • ok well thanks for your time...
19:13 iNDRLM • a pleasure
19:13 blackswann • run on linux?
19:13 iNDRLM • whats linux?
19:13 blackswann • lol
19:13 blackswann • ok
19:13 iNDRLM • cya
19:14 iNDRLM • Smile
19:14 blackswann • dedicated server?
19:14 iNDRLM • no home adsl connection
19:14 iNDRLM • seriously.
19:14 blackswann • wow really... Very
19:14 iNDRLM • is this an interview or what
19:14 blackswann • interesting
19:15 blackswann • so you really run this out of your home?
19:15 blackswann • that is so awesome
19:15 blackswann • I wish I could do that sometimes
19:15 iNDRLM • why dont you?
19:16 iNDRLM • im sure you make plenty of $ with the custom donations
19:16 iNDRLM • i once dev'd on a server that had that
19:16 blackswann • lol because we have 4k users online at a time mate
19:16 blackswann • all the money goes back to the server mate
19:16 iNDRLM • okies
19:16 iNDRLM • be both run private servers
19:16 iNDRLM • lets be civil
19:16 iNDRLM • i will discuss this with the player
19:16 blackswann • I was...
19:17 iNDRLM • but i cannot police what they do outside of the server
19:17 iNDRLM • and you expect me to ban everyone here that mentions rtk outside of here
19:17 iNDRLM • -.-
19:17 blackswann • I hear ya mate
19:17 iNDRLM • i have minimal players as it is
19:17 blackswann • I didnt ask but for one IP to be done
19:17 iNDRLM • for now
19:17 iNDRLM • i agree
19:17 iNDRLM • but would this stop?
19:17 blackswann • and only as an example of cooperation
19:18 iNDRLM • as an example of cooperation i will discuss this
19:18 blackswann • of course... I am sure we will never speak again
19:18 iNDRLM • i dont have dealings with other private servers
19:18 blackswann • well I feel you have done nothing for me. But that fine...
19:18 iNDRLM • their business is none of my concern
19:18 iNDRLM • i run this as a hobby
19:18 iNDRLM • not as a business
19:18 iNDRLM • if people leave my server
19:19 iNDRLM • i look at it as if i am slacking
19:19 iNDRLM • and work hard to fix the problems
19:19 blackswann • it could be, it probably should be, but hey you have some guts...
19:19 iNDRLM • some guts?
19:19 blackswann • so I will thank you again an bid you goodnight
19:19 iNDRLM • i dont understand what you mean
19:19 blackswann • yes you have some guts
19:19 iNDRLM • i have some guts to do what
19:19 iNDRLM • run a server?
19:20 blackswann • no
19:20 blackswann • not to run a server my 12 year old can do that
19:20 iNDRLM • then guts to do what?
19:20 blackswann • but anyhow good luck...
19:21 blackswann • goodnight kind server owner
19:21 iNDRLM • dont need luck
19:21 iNDRLM • but anyhow
19:21 iNDRLM • if u dont wish to give me the ip
19:21 iNDRLM • thats your decision
19:21 iNDRLM • not much more i can do
19:21 blackswann • nah I am having some of my friends take care of this matter now...
19:22 iNDRLM • lol
19:22 iNDRLM • so thats what it comes down to
19:22 iNDRLM • very mature
19:22 blackswann • huh?
19:22 iNDRLM • anyhow as a kind gesture
19:22 iNDRLM • i will post this chat up
19:23 iNDRLM • so others will know not to mess with the top server
19:23 blackswann • I am going to have some friends deal with this matter how is that not mature. I came to you, you said no... I am outsourcing it now
19:23 iNDRLM • why not ban the offending players?
19:23 blackswann • I would ask you not to do that.
19:23 blackswann • I did
19:23 iNDRLM • whats the problem?
19:23 blackswann • I was hoping you would as well
19:23 blackswann • to show that what they were doing is not acceptable
19:24 iNDRLM • i have told them
19:24 iNDRLM • shall i outsource the problem?
19:24 iNDRLM • lol
19:24 iNDRLM • honeypot and mitigation is up
19:24 iNDRLM • so outsource all you want
19:24 iNDRLM • good day mr top server
19:25 blackswann • Well I would ask you once more to keep our conversation confidential
19:25 iNDRLM • you ask me for confidentiality
19:25 iNDRLM • yet your outsourcing the problem?
19:25 iNDRLM • lol
19:25 iNDRLM • i see how it is
19:25 blackswann • do we have an agreement on that sir?
19:25 iNDRLM • you being here obviously means your worried about something
19:26 iNDRLM • my failure to bow to your complete will
19:26 blackswann • I am having someone else speak to him that all...
19:26 iNDRLM • after i offered assistance
19:26 iNDRLM • i know exactly how you made it sound
19:26 blackswann • I dont need you to speak to him I can do that myself
19:26 iNDRLM • and exactly why you wish this chat not to be posted
19:26 blackswann • your reading to much into it
19:26 iNDRLM • i think you worry too much
19:26 iNDRLM • but here you are
19:26 blackswann • because it was between you and me...
19:27 iNDRLM • asking a small server to do something you can do at your end
19:27 iNDRLM • if someone spams here
19:27 iNDRLM • i ban them
19:27 blackswann • this is getting old...
19:27 iNDRLM • like the 40-50 bans of the people that spammed neverendless-wow here
19:27 blackswann • I asked you not to post this.
19:27 iNDRLM • then you will make the right decision
19:27 iNDRLM • good day sir
19:27 blackswann • I would ban every IP of those 50 ppl actually
19:28 iNDRLM • but i dont ask you too
19:28 iNDRLM • because i see this as a hobby
19:28 iNDRLM • nothing more
19:28 iNDRLM • nothing less
19:28 iNDRLM • if you did too
19:28 iNDRLM • this conversation wouldnt be taking place
19:28 blackswann • so I have your word that you will not post this?
19:28 iNDRLM • i may be younger then you
19:28 iNDRLM • but i am not stupid
19:28 iNDRLM • i will decide on it if there is any action taken against my server
19:29 blackswann • action???
19:29 iNDRLM • so yes you have my word
19:29 iNDRLM • behave yourself
19:29 iNDRLM • and we will be fine
19:29 iNDRLM • my offer for assistance you did not appreciate
19:29 blackswann • what are you threatening me with
19:29 iNDRLM • im not threatening anyone
19:29 iNDRLM • i dont make threats
19:29 iNDRLM • i state facts
19:29 iNDRLM • i offered to discuss this with the player
19:29 iNDRLM • you did not like
19:30 iNDRLM • you stated you would outsource the problem to your friends
19:30 blackswann • ok so if something happens to your server then it is my fault?
19:30 iNDRLM • and idle threat? perhaps
19:30 iNDRLM • however
19:30 iNDRLM • i suggest we go back to our servers
19:30 iNDRLM • and continue to enjoy them like previous
19:30 blackswann • I am having someelse talk to that kid is all and I explained that clearly
19:30 iNDRLM • afterwoods yes
19:30 iNDRLM • lets recap
19:30 iNDRLM • i have some guts?
19:30 blackswann • well I have your word so thats all I wanted.
19:31 iNDRLM • you did not clarify
19:31 iNDRLM • now your outsourcing
19:31 iNDRLM • to some friends who will deal with this "matter"
19:31 iNDRLM • not the "player"
19:31 iNDRLM • but this matter that u assume we have
19:31 blackswann • we have nothing
19:31 iNDRLM • so why do i have guts
19:32 iNDRLM • precisely.
19:32 blackswann • I could care less... I thought if I was to come an talk to you I would be able to get some assistance is all
19:32 iNDRLM • you were offered assistance
19:32 iNDRLM • politely
19:32 iNDRLM • and nicely
19:32 iNDRLM • you didnt come here for assistance it seems
19:32 iNDRLM • u came here for a demand
19:32 iNDRLM • that is evident
19:32 iNDRLM • your demand wasnt met
19:32 blackswann • you have guts because you told me no... Thats all nothing intended to harm, insult or debate
19:32 iNDRLM • and you are unsatisfied
19:33 iNDRLM • because i told you no? i have guts?
19:33 blackswann • no I was bored and thought I could discuss this with another server owner is all
19:33 iNDRLM • implying that people dont just tell you no?
19:33 iNDRLM • anyways mums cooking a roast
19:33 iNDRLM • and im late for my nap
19:33 iNDRLM • and i wanna play ds
19:33 iNDRLM • :<
19:33 iNDRLM • good day
19:33 blackswann • lol ok matey enjoy!

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PostSubject: wtf   Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:53 pm

[quote19:21 blackswann • nah I am having some of my friends take care of this matter now...[/quote]

LMFAO.....if u heard the audio meeting blackswann had with his crew you'll remember that he said he will personally deal with the matter...come on dude, If you're gonna threaten people atleast let your yes mean yes and your no mean no...and don't ask your "firends" to pull up slack you could very easily take care of when you say the opposite......DUMBASS
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:18 pm

LOL, the assumption of Blackswann being worried about this server is correct. Blackswann is worried about people leaving from his 40% working server to a 98%+ working server... it's that evident
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:24 pm

19:33 iNDRLM • anyways mums cooking a roast
19:33 iNDRLM • and im late for my nap
19:33 iNDRLM • and i wanna play ds

Best Lines in the WHOLE thing...
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:48 pm

Re uploaded - used Mahanns version over vent, then i recored it and here it is.

.wav file format.

rapidshare.com blackswann.wav.html

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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:54 pm

Typa wrote:
19:33 iNDRLM • anyways mums cooking a roast
19:33 iNDRLM • and im late for my nap
19:33 iNDRLM • and i wanna play ds

Best Lines in the WHOLE thing...

ROLF!!! xd

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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:59 pm

Apparently he is worried. if people came to RTK and tried it for 10 mins... they would gladly transfer over here. The only people e would have on NE would be SOME of the donors. Becuase of all of the money they spend on OP items, they are bound to NE. SO let there be an OP-fest on NE. but for the sake of the people on NE they should transfer over and see the 'promised land' of private server. Swanny deserves nothing, but the people of NE deserve alot more than their getting. A fair playing environment being one of the minor things, and a 98% working server being the main priority. I will not spamm on NE but if some of my friends ask me where i went to.... im going to point them in the direction of RTK. because its simply the best. with a much better owner, and a more realistic view of how blizzard gaming is.
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:09 am

The .wav file, and this conversation are nothing more than . . . Beautiful? I am now more convinced than ever that we have not only made a GREAT choice in choosing to move to a server, found by some great members of our guild, but have also given Order of the Apocalypse an even more solid Dominion onto that which was already an incredibly solid foundation. Let's continue to prove that no matter the size of the server, WE are a community, NAY! Dare I say a FORCE to be reckoned with!!! OotA FTW!
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:45 am

It seems that Mr. Confusionswann likes to stutter a lot during these meetings, and is saying two to three different things... mainly how he'll handle it himself yet he is outsourcing it to others... :S
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:54 am

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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:40 am

Thanks for showing support guys.

We are a community and the best out there, but we won't stand around idly twiddleing our thumbs at bosses that can be four manned. We moved for a challenge, that all of my members and friends accepted. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Now. the staff Of neverendless is quitting, the players, guilds, all because WE made the move. I'm told daily how much trouble I started, and all I ask them to do is look on our forums and show me proof of me stirring trouble.

I unfortunately had to deal with an issue earlier today or all of the staff was going to be fired from Neverendless. Do I care for Blackswann? No. The staff and players of neverendless however do not deserve to be punished, and I will always bear that in mind.

Our first home was Neverendless. There was simply no challenge, no drive. Here on RTK gaming, we have a drive, a motivation. And we hope this need to be successful is met.

Community Leader for OOTA.
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PostSubject: This is stupid.   Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:16 pm

i cant.... (can) beleive how immature Blackfuck sounds in this whole thing. Our server guy is all respectful and is willing to do what i would do talk to the owner of the ip, id a asked for pics of the spamming though knowing blackswann hed have a dev make a char like mahann and screenshot his friend spammin..... or sumthing stupid.... this whole situation is fubar becasue yet again blackswann is completely ignoring logic, reason, human compasion, all the things NORMAL chaps have. Mainly i got pissed that Blackswann pulled the "im older" and the "i have the top server" card..... that clearly means his ammunition regarding server spamming is weak and powerless at best. He's a coward making stupid choice after stupid choice..... i give NE's #1 status a short life further at this rate.
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:42 pm

hey mahann, i'd change your sig if i were you, you goddamn infidel. =P
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:00 pm


He finally came out of the blanket when I could see it myself.
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:12 pm

lol yeah bobby has lost the plot i think.

He should have a look at what happened with all the other top servers and learn from history.

As it is he needs to take his head out off his azz and smell the roses if he wants N-E to cellebrate its 2nd birthday.

Im gonna have a read up on this new server u guys are on, im not actualy in OOTA but im sick of NE-Wow, it's going down hill.
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PostSubject: Re: Threat from Bobby   

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Threat from Bobby
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