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PostSubject: Application   Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:53 am

In game name: TheManBomb
What is your Age: 16
Level: 77
Character Class: Hunter/Shaman
How many accounts? 1
What you feel you can offer to the guild? I personally just like to have fun dueling etc.
Can you take jokes? (*This is serious*) I do not see why not
Professions if any? Skinning
What's your forum name? TheManBomb
Played on any other servers? Itrwow.com but server did not quite take action to fixing bugs, so i left.
Do you have vent? No
If yes, Name in vent?----------
Friends with anyone in the guild? (If so, please list.) No
What Interested you in Joining us? Dueling some members of your guild. Wanted to join a guild but not a crappy one (We Pee in Moonwells, i mean wtf is up with that name?) so a private guild sparked my interest.
Past guild(s) None on this Server
Reason for leaving Past guild:---------
Country you are from: America
Banned for any previous reasons? (This will be checked and looked into): Nope
Contact Information- (You do not need to make this public you can send me a PM if you would like)
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