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 What Addons

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PostSubject: What Addons   Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:03 pm

Do you fools use.

Explain what it does
Screenies are welcomed
List site you can get it from.

I use Spartan UI - A different interface, fairly clean, I like it. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7221-SpartanUI.html

Omen- Threat meter, shows how much threat you and others have. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/omen-threat-meter.aspx

Paranoia- Lets you know when ally are nearby to you, guild members, or party members. - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/paranoia-enemy-player-alert.aspx

Post yours up =).
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PostSubject: Re: What Addons   Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:16 pm

Atlasloot enhanced: used for looking up items, i use this for giving myself gear as a gm

GMH (Gamemaster helper): basically an addon that does all of the work for you, type in the id or a name and click a button and there ya go, its done!

bartendar4: Actionbar addon, gives you a square on your screen with all of your bags, bars, etc.

healbot: shows the entre group or raid in a single column on your left or right side, simply program it, left click can be a big heal, right being a small heal/dot, and the middle button (scroller) can be anything you choose, defaults are already made

X-perl: a simple ui addon, gives your unitframes a cool new look, your characters are animated in it.

TotemManager: manages a shamans totems, shields, heals, etc. basically makes a shaman easier to play on if you know what you are doing, a simple mod!

Tyler Is A Nub: a funny little mod, for rogues or shamans, that reminds you to reapply a poison or spell to your weapon, such as crippling poison or windfury.

Visualheal: a simple but powerful tool, shows the entire raid your healing status and shows a bar on the screen of the heal casting, basically helps healing for anyone.

STFU: a very funny addon, its for deathknights, it has sam jackson yell a funny phrase whenever you cast strangulate on a caster, hehe

Runehero: a simple addon that shows you your rune cooldown, very handy on this realm since the runes are not shown on your characters unitframe Razz

Rotate: a sweet addon for deathknights, especially if you dont understand the class, it has preset spell rotations that help you kick ass, and you can also make your own custom rotations, basically makes you better.

Yury's runedisplay: deathknight addon, its a runedisplay ui addon, puts little green/blue/red runes around the back of your characters feet, you can scale them down or up, helps alot.

Necrosis: My favorite addon, a warlock addon that basically helps you do anything, you can customize it any you want to, to spend a soulshard to it having your shard count, one click for a simple spell rotation, to having your on rotation in a row, says certain phrases to tell you when a mob can't be feared, etc.

Say hello pyroblast/soul fire: a funny little addon, when casting either of those spells, plays the famous phrase from tony "say hello to my little friend", hehe kinda funny ;D

25: a warlock addon for those people who love afflic locks, basically tells you when to do things, like start casting drain soul/drain life, etc. tells you when the boss is a specific health target to cast a certain spell, helps out alot during pvp/pve in raids

altoholic: an addon for any class, basically makes your time leveling up an alt much much more faster, tells you where to go for the best quests, etc. unless you know everything Razz

portalhate: a very very funny addon, mainly for retail imho, but it simply is triggered in a whisper when someone says the keyword port or portal, displays an auto message saying "50g fee for any portal", hehe

portalbox: an addon for mages, like the one above, just simply puts 2 long rectangles on your screen, and displays all of your portals and teleports in them, so you dont have to go through your spell book

quakemage: a simple addon that plays sound files from quake3 to mage spells, pretty nice if you like sounds played when you cast spells.

Threearmedbandit: a very nice addon for rogues, that basically swaps out your weapons automatically for the best dps you could ever wish for

stunwatch: another addon for a rogue, basically shows you a timer on your screen for your stuns, so you can be ready to apply another one or run/stealth and repeat it all, best addon for stunlocking noobs ;D

spell flash: for warriors or other classes, an addon that basically flashes above a certain spell that is recommended after the previous spell you casted, so it helps with spell rotation for the best outpuy

thats all of my addons, i have more but i wont post them, all of these addons can be found on Curse.com, the GMH addon has to be googled and is rare to find a good one, most wont work or are bugged, if you need help finding a good GMH send me a PM and ill link a good site for one

oh and, one last addon on curse.com, Itemrack: a cool addon that allows you to make preset gear selections, so later on you can just click a button and the gear you selected is on you

enjoy these nice and funny addons, you can take any that you want Razz
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PostSubject: My New UI ive worked so hard on.   Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:48 pm

This is my nice clean UI look, over 3 hours of effort put into this, Hope you guys enjoy:

=Titan Panel: Your everyhitng bar, from time, to XP per hour, Gold, Location to Systen inof about FPS and your lag on the server (MS)

-Natur Enemy Bars: Shows all your cooldowns, what you or your enemy is casting, all buffs on you or your targer, Diminishing returns, and has a cool MK2 sound for DK's DeathGrip

-ArkInventory: Bag addon that lets you categorize items into slots. In the above Pic i have all my Junk items to the far left (to vendor them all) my BoE items i the next slot over, all my quest item in the 3rd slot, Tailoring items in the 4th, and the 5th is the default bag (for non-categorized items), when you receive and item that you have a category for, it automatically puts it in the correct spot. Nice huh?

-TradeTrak: A complete, list of all professions and all recipies for items, what level the items are and what skill level it requires, along with a blizz-like tooltip for more info, you can also shift-Click to link the items.

-Bartender 4- Customize you Actionbars, with up to 10 bars, changing scale, button spacing,
-ButtonFacade - Customize the auctuall button, to make them round, Octagons, or the classic square look.

-X-perl - Fully Customizable health and mana bars for you your target, your targets targer, your pet and its targe, and for advanced users; Your Focus and your Focus' target. Along with raid and party frames. too many options to list here really.

-EpicMusicPlayer- MP3 Addon for ingame! by far one of the best addons my system memory takes up. simple to start it up and work with. Customizable GUI as far as color, and text go.

-Recount- DPS meter, and posting DPS, also has diff functions, Damage done, healing done, and alot more.

-Carbonite- Questing, leveling made simple, 100x better than QuestHelper.

-TinyCasterStats- Shows your SP, crit rating, haste rating, and MP5 if you want it too.

-KgPanels- the most complex addon... if you dont know what your doing. Experienced users only. Customize you UI with a dash board, fo some SKins for other panels on your screen for placing action bars, or other addons as i have done here. For a simplistic version of this, Use BTex

heres the more clean look without the bag addon up-------------
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PostSubject: Re: What Addons   Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:59 pm

NasasUI but with a lot of tweaks to make it work on my resolution. Added a few other add-ons such as Lightheaded, and the ones Mahann told me to get.

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PostSubject: Re: What Addons   Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:07 am

- OuF with Lunar Frames layout
- Cargbags with Nivaya's layout
- Dominos action bars, OmniCC, Redrange
- Chinchilla Minimap
- LMChat chatbox enhancements
- Partyspotter (adds group numbers to the chat, marks raid members who are in combat on the map, etc.)
- GroupCalendar, DBM, Recount, Wintergraspler Advanced (self-explanatory)
- Grid + Clique + GridStatusHOTs (healing setup for my druid)

- Karni's Crap Filter, ItemPriceTooltip, CrapAway (filters what you pick up by certain criterias and vendors greys)
- QuickRepair (auto-repairs when talking to a vendor)
- StealYourCarbon (auto-restocks poisons, food, reagents)
- Buffet (loads food/water/potions into 2 macros)
- Addon Control Panel
- RogueSpamReborn (filters error messages)
- LushGearSwap (allows auto-swapping gear sets on spec changes)
- Passloot (rolls/passes on items depending on your rules... I am too lazy to roll on all the greens)
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PostSubject: Re: What Addons   

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What Addons
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